Projects / Groups

I like to do stuff with other people. Here are some groups I work with or have worked with:

The Divine March | This is my current live, in-person, original music project. You can see us in and around the St. Louis area.

Grass & Stone | This is another original music project.

The Grammar Club | The Grammar Club is a collaborative group of half a dozen one-man-bands where I get to pretend I’m in Gorillaz, Weezer, and Cake all at the same time. We’ve released several albums, and have a Patreon where we release multiple songs every month. I have never met several of them in person, but we have all met on the internet, so it doesn’t matter.

Eternal Nocturne | I collaborated with Mike Emerson to help him create his goth-rock epic, “The Invitation.”

LONELYROLLINGSTARS | We make sweet video game and TV cover jams. We are not actually lonely dudes. Or Stars. But we made a CD called “Carnivortex” and you can download it for the low price of “whatever you feel like, including zero monies.” We followed that up with an album called “Sugarburger.”

Bad Dudes | Are we dudes who are bad, or just bad at being dudes? Mustin says “Yes.” We’ve released over a dozen collections of game covers, several as physical albums.

The OneUps | I’m not in this band, but they’re some of my favorite dudes, and I’ve been lucky to be a guest performer with them on occasion. They played at my wedding. I played at their “Going Away Show” in 2006, but then they never went away.

The Smash Brothers | This was a game remixing supergroup made of a whole bunch of dudes. We met up every year at MAGFest and played a set of prog-rock game arrangements that we’d never rehearsed together until the day before the concert. We did this from MAGFest 2 through MAGFest 8, and hardly anyone caught on that we had NO IDEA what we were doing a lot of the time, possibly because we bribed the audiences with food during the concerts. We made a CD and called it “Bacon.” Go download it. Do not eat it. Will we ever perform again? Nothing is impossible.

Dwelling of Duels | This isn’t really a PROJECT I’m involved with, but a monthly competition I sometimes compete in. Many of the game covers I’ve done were DoD entries. There are also a few entries there where I’ve contributed, but not put them here on my own site since I wasn’t the primary artist.